Detroit's First Urban Geek Apparel Company
Come To The Geek Side. We Stay Fly, We're Fully Coded! D CODE 100111001

D CODE 313, a family owned, Detroit based online apparel company. Created in 2016, determined to turn lemons into lemonade. Something I've grown custom of doing my entire life. After learning to code for scholarships to attend an university in Silicon Valley. To promote my patent pending baby cleaning mechanism and company. Unfortunately I wasn't able to attend due to family circumstances.

Mom of ten children.
Whom each play a creative role in the business. From selecting designs in the family think hub sessions to posting on our social media platforms.

Instead of giving up on coding due to the missed opportunities. I had a newly found passion for Computer Science. One day, during a lesson, I had the idea to share my learning experience on urban apparel to my community and beyond.
Hoping this will spark interest in others to learn to code! While making a creative and unique fashion statement. That showcases the love of Detroit, Michigan.

I'm now currently enrolled at Harvard University studying Computer Program C online for free!

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D CODE 100111001. More than a Brand. It's a Lifestyle!

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide creative and unique apparel. That showcase the love of Detroit, Michigan. To shine more light and awareness on the coding culture in our community and beyond. Through our creative design collaborations of our urban streets and the coding world. With our brand collections by D CODE 100111001.